Jessica Vaughan Lower

Jessica Vaughn

Rev. Jessica Vaughan Lower is a PC (USA) minister currently serving at San Marino Community Church as the associate pastor for contemporary worship and outreach in San Marino, California. Lower has a passion for church development, redevelopment, and sustainability, and has previously served as the first installed pastor of a merged congregation, as a parish associate for missional leadership, as a solo pastor of a small, urban church, and as a ground-floor member of a successful church planting team. Lower has consulted for churches, committees, and pastors on church growth and redevelopment and is currently a PhD student in leadership and change at Antioch University. She believes that the best days of the church are still ahead of us, and that church life is meant to be fully enjoyed by community members, congregants, and ministers alike. She lives with her husband, Andy, two children, and two dogs in southern California.

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